Shara Lerman


Shara Lerman is a Los Angeles based actor.  A life long performer, she began as a dancer with a focus on ballet.  Her love of the stage took her into theater, and from there she branched out into film and television.  Shara recently completed several films, working with some incredible award-winning writers and directors.  She is currently attached to two feature films that are in development.

Recent Feedback:

"Shara is every director's dream -- prepared, professional and extremely collaborative -- she not only followed direction, but brought something unique and irresistible to the character.  I guess that's how I'd describe her: unique and irresistible.  I really can't wait to work with her again."

~Alison Mason, award-winning writer/director

"Shara is a striking presence on screen and a joy to work with.  I love the sexy, dangerous, and yet vulnerable character that she portrayed in my film."  

~Beresford Bennett, award-winning writer/director